links for 2009-01-07

  • ”Det här är nog världens godaste kladdkaka. Jag brukar ta hälften mjölkchoklad och hälften mörk choklad, det blir väldigt bra i mitt tycke.”
  • ”Your favorite site doesn't provide news feeds?
    This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly.

    As shown on illustration on the left, original web page is clipped (1) and converted to RSS format (2) that can be picked up by your favorite news aggregator (3).”

  • ”If this is the first time you hear about the Daemon — well, for one thing, you haven't been following my status updates :) — and you're likely to hear more from other people. It is a Da Vinci Code meets World of Warcraft kind of deal.

    Many of the elements we've come to expect from action-packed Sci-Fi are there: a mysterious, gruesome murder; advanced surveillance tech; smart & lethal weaponry; and evil AI at the root of everything. The key difference to Neuromancer, however, is that it all takes place in the real world. It could happen today.”

  • Fullmatat med tips men inte särskilt inbjudande.
  • Grundläggande kunskap för journalister som verkar online.
  • ”It is explicit in the argument John Clute has been propounding since at least the 1980s that any science fiction novel has three dates: the date it was written, the date it is set, and the date it is about.”

    ”It is easy to do bad deeds in a bad cause, but McAuley’s characters do bad deeds in a good cause; and that moral dislocation is, I think, one of the key social effects of the Iraq War as reflected in both these novels.”

  • ”Questions and Answers: Displayed like annotations in the margin of an article, readers can ask a question about any paragraph of the article — or answer questions left behind by other people.

    Quips: Displayed as a small talk-bubble in a live feed on the home page and on article pages, quips are short-form comments that allow people to leave feedback in a quick, to-the-point form. They're modeled after Twitter and instant-messaging.

    Letters to the Editor: A very old idea, but with a few new twists. News Mixer calls on letter writers to ’Add your voice to the marketplace of ideas. Offer a thoughtful point of view in 250 words or less.’ Once written, letters are treated equivalently to articles in News Mixer. Each letter gets its own page, and people are allowed to write letters in response. When a letter is particularly insightful, an editor can use the News Mixer content management system to designate it as an ’editor highlight.’”

  • ”1. Lead with the DotCom brand.
    2. Don't separate online and print sales staffs.
    3. Research how your customers use the Web.
    4. Train salespeople, designers and customers alike.
    5. Invest in the technology.
    6. Make sure your sales incentive plan rewards online selling first.
    7. Make it easy for advertisers to do business with you online.”
  • ”I don't think it's out of the question that the future iTunes a little way down the road will look a lot like Spotify. If that was the case, where would it leave Spotify? iTunes killed Odeo with by becoming a podcasting platform. I hate to sound ominous especially given how much I love Spotify. In fact it's precisely because I have a lot of affection for the service and the team that I'm wondering.”